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Introduction to SharePoint 2013 for Collaboration and Document Management

This ½ to full day class is designed for SharePoint team members who need to know how to use the team collaboration, document management and social features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This class can be delivered using a Site Collection on an in-house server, virtual machines or Office 365.


To Purchase

This course is available from the Microsoft Courseware Marketplace or directly from MAX Technical Training.
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Course #:                                      55029BC

Number of Days:                              ½ to 1

Format:                               Instructor-Led


Certification Exams:                         None



• SharePoint end users

• SharePoint Site Owners and Power Users who will be attending a SharePoint 2013 Site Owner class

• SharePoint administrators and developers


At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:

• Navigate SharePoint sites.

• Manage content in lists and libraries.

• Create and edit Alerts.

• Collaborate using Tasks lists and Discussion Boards.

• Work with libraries, including upload, download, editing, check out/in and versioning.


• Use the SharePoint social features